R1 - Class of 2023


Appointment season is upon us. Please make sure you are completing / submitting you paperwork in timely manner. All answers and processes begin and end with Marybeth.

USMLE Step III Policy - The expectation is that you will be done with your Step III exams by May. In order to help facilitate the planning process, we have identified the rotations which allow the greatest flexibility in order take the exams: Ambulatory Float, UC and DPH Ambulatory (but not on a Wednesday or Thursday), and SFGH OB. If you find yourself running into scheduling/planning issue, you need to let Meg and Laura know ASAP, not in May.

ACGME Dates 1819 block 7:

Julie is in the process of sending out a cleaned up version of the cases recorded for each of the four categories: SFGH OB, SFGH GYN, UC OB and MB/MZ GYN received for Block 7.

It is the expectation that you will, within two weeks of the end of each rotation, enter all of your cases from the previous rotation. The case lists that she will be sending out represent a guide for you to reference in case you may have overlooked cases.

During the week of April 15, Julie will be pulling and validating all ACGME entries for Block 7 and sending out the individual case log reports.

If you would like copies of previous reports, please let her know.

You MUST check your call schedules well in advance to ensure that we have cancelled appropriate continuity clinics. The Medicine schedule is out 3 months in advance. In addition , if you will be missing your continuity clinic because of boards or some other reason - you MUST let us know so we can cancel the clinics without inconveniencing patients. Make sure your clinics are cancelled for your vacations - we try to check it, but you should always double check

Now is the time to be preparing your documentation to submit for a ZSFG resident reimbursement. The reimbursement system is open.

Please note that the most important step, the step that often gets overlooked and thereby voids the reimbursement, is the submission of the documentation.

  • Interns and residents will use the Department of Public Health (DPH) reimbursement process to submit reimbursement requests. We will no longer be using the CCSF’s online tuition reimbursement program.
  • Reimbursement increased from $300 to $600 per fiscal year for eligible interns and residents who spend three months on rotation at ZSFG.
  • Items eligible for reimbursement have expanded to include wellness activities and projects and training.
  • The Pre-Approval Request process is eliminated. Reimbursements will be processed once the cost has been incurred and the required documentation is submitted.

ZSFG 5M Clinic schedules and Attending schedules are stored in UCSF Box - (through My Access) in the "OB GYN @ ZSFG Schedules" Folder.  Please to remember to check the 5M schedules in advance to make sure appointment templates are not open during your schedule absences. Make sure you report any/all discrepancies to the Clinic Chief, Lolet Encabo and Julie.